DnB & Electro House Tutorial when?

hey guys,

really cant wait for new tutorials !!

i really was excited that u bring up an dnB tutorial !

jihhah !

there is an aweful lot to learn from that genre… subby baby

:wink: crazy sounds all the way !

cheers !

electro is this week baby

[quote]bryan spence (7/1/2009)[hr]electro is this week baby[/quote]

:w00t: can’t wait!

when was the d&b tutorial mentioned, i must have missed this.

me too… not that i care much tho. D&B isnt my cup of tea really, but I’m sure I will learn something. Maybe I’ll turn into the next LTJ Bukem…Who knows???:hehe:

D&B would be out of this world, love the stuff but to be fair have never attempted to produce it, mainly because when it’s done badly you really can tell.

it would be great to actually get two versions of this, one for the older style of D&B (roni size brown paper bag, shy fx original nutta) and another version covering the square pushers & pendulum (spelling) sorta style

@ jon

in the news section of the site was this info !!

so I was really excited about that, because we didn`t ask for that in the forum !

it would be so cool to see how to create those crazy basslines, leads and amen break mash ups etc…


dnb would be useful learning how to mash up breaks and how they get their basses warping then just kinda tweak it so it fits the style you make :smiley:

there is a DnB coming ! we will keep you informed as to when that will be!