DnB - Encounters - New Track, feedback sought

Hi Guys

Well I been fiddling around, trying to get smoother mixes, and then master them some way to get the most out of them. Think I got something sounding good with this one, but would like to hear others views. Its a bit minimal, but I am trying to just get smooth mixes going, which I can then push forward and develop more complex arrangements as I get better. I think it would still shake the dancefloor :slight_smile:


Sounds god… nice and tight sounding beats.

Mix is nicely balanced… all the frequencies are in the right place.

I think it just lacks a bit of depth from in 2 areas.

there could be a bit more sub here and there… not too much but the bass you have could go a bit lower as could your kick. i stress not too much just to add some hit more sub in the 50-60 range.

it also sounds a bit try to me too, some spot fx and reverb and delays in places could add more space. but maybe you just haven’t got round to that yet.