Do you ever need to upgrade monitors?

I recently read an article from John 00 Fleming who basically observed lots of producers investing heavily in computers but not monitors. I’m using £250 alesis mk2s and my room is untreated acoustically. Do you think I need to invest in treatment or monitors or just try to work/learn what I have??

I think investing more in monitors than an all singing all dancing laptop or desktop is probably wise but if you learn and know what to listen for in your environment/studio and the monitors you have then you should eventually be able to get a nice sounding mix. You will never be able to treat your room properly without spending a lot of cash. Ive been producing in an untreated room with cheap *** M-Audio BM5 monitors for years but can get quite a tight mix nowadays as I know what to listen
I’m thinking about getting new monitors soon, something with more low end, maybe ADAM A7x