Do you need sleep to retain production experiance?

Let’s say you sleep 4 hours a night instead of 8, then use all the extra time to make songs and get experiance, would it be a good trade off?

I mean if you already know your tech stuff, your theory, your arrangment, all thats left is to gain experiance.

Idk seems like a possible solution for having to work and not having time for music.

Not to be offensive (well actually yes, to be offensive) its a very f’n stupid trade off…

Sleep deprivation has many consequences not just on your ability to produce (which btw will be deminished by the lack of sleep, not improved by the extra time) but will also impact on your health; both mental and physical…

Dont do it!

I really hope your joking and if your not I really hope you consider changing your mind. Its okay once in a while to not sleep as much (a eureka moment or something) but lack of sleep is really bad for your.

Sleep deprivation - Wikipedia

I know its wiki but I cant be arsed to find specific sources for you, its pretty common knowledge that sleep deprivation is very bad for you.

+1 for it being a mind numbingly ridiculous idea.

I think the opposite is true. Most good producers can produce in their sleep.

MMMMM… Sleeping tablets! Maybe give that a try! :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :hehe:


Nurses, emergency personnel and others who work shifts that alter the normal 24-hour cycle of waking and sleeping are at much higher risk for a number of diseases, including metabolic disorders such as diabetes. To address this, scientists are trying to understand precisely how the biological clock works and uncover possible underlying mechanisms that could adjust the circadian rhythm in people with sleep disorders and circadian-associated metabolic disorders.



A much better idea would be to stop eating and drinking - just think how much time you spend buying and preparing food.

Another useful tip is have a bucket by your workstation, this will help you save on those wasteful trips too the toilet

cool thanks slender, i would have never thought of this!

Im totally useless if i dont get 8 hours sleep.

I also find napping or dozing in the studio is a great way to spark ideas… REM Sleep has showing in numerous studies to increase creativity.

I tend to “dream” a lot of songs when im waking up or going to bed… I get a lot of ideas from these dreams… not full songs just like directions or small bits.

I have severe insomnia and all I can say is that sleep deprivation leads to my subconscious helping me creativity wise but I lack the energy and patience to put my ideas in practice. I’m noting my music down on paper when I have the chance and when I’m in an energetic state I reach for ableton. So no , sleep deprivation is a horrible idea. I can’t find the energy most of days . You should not do this unless forced to . After some time of doing this you will weaken your short time memory and f*ck up everything new you want to learn.