Do you produce tech-house/techno type tracks?

Hi - if anyone wants to send me their track(s) in the style of tech-house/techno - go right ahead - i’ll provide you with some feedback on how the crowd reacted / how it sounded on a big system etc. if i play it out.

Cheers guys, David.

I’m not that confident with my stuff yet but you are more than welcome to use my stuff if you want mate.

Cool, send me a link mate, if nothing else i’ll add you on Soundcloud etc, so that i am aware of your tracks as and when you post them online.


I do but my tracks aren’t mastered, just mixed down roughly…

maybe this one: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Nice track Fowleja - although for me, i think the arrangement needs some work.

I liked the sound of the bassline much better towards the end of the track when the vocal and top-line were playing, but the bassline didn’t quite do it for me when it first came in with just the drums.

Really nice sound though towards the end of the track, when everything is playing.


Hey fowleja, I think the track is pretty nice! you should push it a bit more for sure!

I like the bass and the things that happen in the track.

I am kinda in the same boat as you, just getting my feet wet with production.

Check me out if you like.