Do you want to see a techno tutorial?

i know this is going over an already well talked about topic but id like to see just how many poeple are up for it!



s.a please can you edit poll so it just says yes or no


  • 1000000

isnt there a thread already? :wink:

yep :wink:

+10000 any techno style is welcome :

  • Oldschool techno (jeff mills, the advent, …)
  • Hardgroove techno (Ben Sims, …)
  • Funky Techno (Joey Beltram, PHTNM, …)
  • Tribal techno (DJ Murphy, Mezcolanza, Fer Br, …)
  • Dark or Birmingham techno (Luke Slater, Surgeon, …)

Any of the above! As long as it’s banging :slight_smile:

any of the followingwould keep me happy jeff mills,surgeon,basmooy,advent :smiley:

agreed chris!

but only 8 people on the poll??? wheres the rest of you?