Does anyone know why i cant import tracks into abelton if i bought

Im trying to dj with abelton and for some reason, if i buy tracks from beatport, i cant import them into abelton. i get an error message. I dont have this problem if i buy the tracks from trackitdown or audiojelly etc.

Does anyone know how i can import these tracks? I am using abelton 8 on windows xp

what exactly is the error msg?

error using direct show??? try this Fixes to try in order:

1] Have you got all the latest Windows updates? [Here]
2] The non-critical DirectX update from December? [Here]
3] Latest drivers for your sound card.
4] Latest version [7.1.3] of Quicktime? [Here]
5] Is the mp3 DRM protected? [R]-click, properties to check.

The error message is located on the bottom of the screen where the time selection is located. When I try to bring in a track (bought from beatport) the bottom of the screen turns orange and a message appears which says “track can not be read. May be unlicensed or corrupt.” I have had this problem every time I buy tracks from beatport. Also, I can import these tracks to other programs like cubase or traktor without any problems.The weird thing is, I dont have this problem with the tracks i buy from other sites. I tried to import the same tracks onto my friends computer and i had the same problem. I have a fireface 400 sound card. I have all the latest drivers. The file is not encrypted. It’s kind of a weird problem. Has anyone else had this same issue?

this is only a guess but it could be something like a tag written into the mp3 file that is causing the problem

if send me one of the files and i could have a look for you.

i get this as well. I used to have a similar problem with Acid.

I think it’s a problem iwth codecs from certain audio editors.

The way i got around it was to drop the file into Soundforge or Audacity and just save it again from there.