Does Anyone Record Real Instruments for Music?

I realize that synths can often produce great sounds, but I am still wondering… :smiley:

I’m wondering if any of the SA people on here use real instruments for making tracks.

I play guitar & bass pretty extensively. I recently got a fastrack audio device to record.

If you do record, do you just record the audio clips and then loop it?

Or do you record audio segments and then piece them together?

Do you ever record something and then transpose the sound to a midi-clip?

Any suggestions on how to make these recordings more precise?

I am new to the whole recording thing through my DAW (ableton & cubase).

I seem to have trouble with certain notes and riffs being longer or shorter than I want them to be. Not sure how to fix this problem without screwing up the riff altogether.

Does anyone have any tips that they could share about how to go about recording guitar?

I use loads of guitar and bass in my tracks although they arnt all dance… a lot of down beat stuff.

I mainly record loops and layer them up…

i record all my guitars and bass in to ableton with guitar rig.

basicly all the stuff in the nu gaze tutorial.

Grahams band recrord guitars and bass n stuff too.

ye i do, depending on if i “hear” it should be in the track.
i played the guitar lick on my track “Some Positives edit 4” on my soundcloud page. comes in a 0.52