Does FL Studio add something artificial?

Ok so basicly FL prides itself on its ease of use now over here in Holland it seems alot of these young guys have decided hey i wana be à DJ/producer, boaght themselves FL, downloaded some sample and vst torrents and starter making tracks that got signed and become club hits in Holland. Now most of these guys work from their bedrooms and havent been at it for even a year in some cases. But yet their getting tracks signed and released. Now after you read Well established DJs and producers talk about how its taken them years of effort and hard work for them to get to the stage of producing their at now. So i thought how can these people do it in less than à year of being actively busy in the studio? Is it just that technology and resources are better now? Perhaps but i looked a little deeper and noticed pretty much all of these guys use FL studio. So i did a test i made a short track in ableton, and FL. I used THE Same vsts and samples and mixed it THE Same way with identical settings on everything. Dont worry i do have à life it was like 10 secs long in time, just a short loop containing drums lead and bass. Now when i exported i found the fl wav sounded very different to the ableton wav when really they should be identical. Now yeah i know every DAW has its own sound engine but still the fl file sounded so much more polished and proffesional even for a mix i did in like 5 mins. So is it just the sound engines or is fruity adding something artifical like mabey some sort of hidden compression? Dont think this idea is completely different Reason has done this for years. If you dont believe me load a sample in redrum listen to it and then rewire into ableton or cubase and listen again you Will notice à distinct difference. You may also have heard the term ‘reason sound’. So conspiracy? It just seems ashame that all the skill is being taken out of the trade. Try it out yourself and see. I personally want to have full controle over my sound and Will continue to use ableton just seems unfair but i guess in THE end hard work Will pay off. What do you guys think?

So we basically only have to buy FL Studio, press the ‘make club hit’ button and hey presto?!

No wonder the Sonic guys don’t do tutorials on FL Studio, if you can make instant club hits with it noone will need their tuts anymore lol!

[quote]jjdejong0 (03/06/2010)[hr] fl file sounded so much more polished and proffesional even for a mix i did in like 5 mins. [/quote]

Upload the test results please.

Yeah I think the best thing is to post up the samples your talking about.

The people making club hits under a year either are lying that they have only been doing it a year/ got an engineer/ spent a butt load of time working their *** off/ got lucky/loads of other reasons.

I have never used flstudio(apart from a demo I donwloaded last year & used for 2 mins but I have heard it has a limiter on by default? Again I’m prob talking bullsh*t about this.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if FL studio applies some overall mix compression which may in fact be perfect for the style of club track your talking about.

The options within Ableton though, I’m sure allow for more flexibility if you want to ‘master’ yourself at mixdown to achieve a polished ‘pro’ sound.

I find that its better to get another set of ears on your stuff by a professional with the right equipment and skills to do the job.  This means not providing them with some mix that has come out of a package already compressed.

I started to look into the whole mastering thing and then realised that I would be far better off spending my time producing and paying a guy 20-30 quid to master for me.

i’ve used Fl didn’t really rate the sound quality if i’m totally honest, it seems to have exaggerated hi end and sounded very sharp.

its also quite possible that these people are fast learners and have crammed info or are just naturally talented. personally i wouldn’t worry about what other guys are doing and concentrate or your own work, thinking like this will eat you up and make you very bitter.

i used to teach Dj-ing and although many took weeks to pick it up, i’ve know guys and girls to have been mixing fully within hours.