Does Impulse ruin your samples?

I was reading a convo between Steve Duda and Deadmau5 about the Impulse, now they were getting very technical and geeky so it was a bit hard to understand but basically Deadmau5 reckons Impulse takes a tiny bit of the initial attack.

Tbh i have noticed something weird with Impulse and my Kicks, but its only ever the first kick like right at the very start of the track. It completely takes the attack away for the very first kick and then starts playing the full kick its really weird and annoying.

But i was just seeing what everyone else was finding or am i the only one still using Impulse lol, anyways according to Steve Duda and Deadmau5, Simpler is the way to go for your samples…

Im just so used to Impulse :frowning: