Doing a mix cd in ableton

ok im trying to do a demo cd in ableton 8 and i have warp all the tracks but when i export it i can still here the warping effect on my cd how do i stop this?

thanks guys

Can you rephrase the question please, it doesn’t make much sense to me!

All the warping is doing is time stretching the tracks u have used to fit a specific tempo (the master tempo), this then means the tracks will mix together, if u can hear a difference in speed as the tracks play or the mixing or beat matching of the tracks sounds bad then u have not warped the tracks correctly.

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thanks for the info…i guess what im trying to say is and now im thinking that im doing it wrong…lets say you are trying to make a demo cd with 10 tracks on it…1st thing i did was open ableton… 2nd i set the bpm to 127 then i drag the 1st song in… next i drag the 2nd song in… at the end of the 1st song about 1min left i line up the beats and match the 2nd song till its beat match and then i do this with all 10 tracks …now the demo is finish and  sounds perfectly match but when i export it the demo doesn’t sound clear the beats are still match but i can here all the sliced from the warping…is there a better way of doing demos? or is there anyway to fix this without redone the whole 10 tracks?

i hope this is clear

thanks guys

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