Doing a payment fail

Hi there, I try to buy Kick 2 but I am trying for 2 days now to get it succeeded. I have a paypal account that is connected to my bank account. Enough money on my paypal account. When I click Purchase in the payment screen, I get this error.

Please help.

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Please see the following article

Hey @Sebastiaanh

If I’m not mistaking, I think that you need to have a debit/credit card linked to your Paypal Account to be able to purchase via PP on Sonic Academy website, if yur PP account is just linked to your Bank Account but without a registered credit card then I think the payment system won’t work via PP, alternatively, you can then use a credit card instead of PP, e-cards & virtual cards numbers that you can get from some banks security applications should work too, I used to make previous purchases using e-cards without any issue.

Hope that could help :slight_smile:

EDIT : 2 other tips regarding this topic :wink:

  • I removed the screenshot you uploaded because it was showing your email address. Be aware that the forums are on web public reading access, not requiring any login just for viewing, therefore make sure you gray/mask or do not include sensible information when posting.

  • On the screenshot, I could also see that you were using the GB Pounds currency on S.A Website, if in an European country it might be more practical to use the Euros currency, you can change that at the website bottom/right page with the currency selector

Just a note on that, it just provides a real time currency conversion as close as possible.
We still take the payment in sterling so you will get the rate of your bank at the time of purchase :+1:

This is also true, we are working on accepting PP balance as payment but you currently need a linked credit/debit card

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Thanks for the update on this :slight_smile:

Yes, I should have mentioned that. BTW about this, I remembered that I switch from Credit Card to PP payment method because each time I made a purchase via Credit Card, my Bank took a small additional fee because of the transaction in GB Pounds here in France. Don’t know if that’s possible, but a full functional check out process matching customers’ currency would be very great IMO.

Glad to hear that you’re working on the PP balance payment method, would be a nice addition too :ok_hand: