Don't know where to begin with this sound

I sit in work sometimes listening to tracks and think - yeah, I have an idea what to do if I wanted that sound, then other times I don’t know when I should.

Like the classic ‘whoop’ sound - think Timo Mass Dooms Night.

Heres a less obvious version of it here (comes in at around 1.33):

Is it just a bass with very fast filter sweep?  Or something else?  Anyone know how I could try making any sample ‘whoop’ like this?

Love this track!!

Not sure how you make that sound tho pal sorry

[quote]Kieran Mach (20/08/2010)[hr]Anyone know how I could try making any sample ‘whoop’ like this?[/quote]

open up abletons simpler,lower voices to 1,turn on the loop feature,turn on the filter and switch it to bp12,turn on your filter envelope,lower the env somewhere around -15 to -20,turn on your lfo,switch the rate to sync(for now,you can always switch it back),raise the lfo amount,turn on the glide,raise the filter velocity(the vel next to the lfo).i would continuously play some notes while making each one of these adjustments so you hear what each is doing.youre going to need to tweak a lil more but this basic outline should get you there.