Dont you just love it when

You come up with something the is just ace.

I’ve not managed to do an original piece for months now but I sat down yesterday in session view and just made loads of clips of melodys - what helped is I’ve done a couple of remixes recent so I had some nice sounds at the ready.

Any after a full day of fu(king around with melodies I finally found something which has hit the spot.

Really happy with this as I find the better I get a higher I raise the bar and less happy I am but my gut tells me I’m on to something here!

Another release?.. well I taken the day off work to work on it, been at it since about 8:30 and so far so good… watch this space :wink:

post up a preview! you cock tease

[quote]krisroberts (11/03/2011)[hr]post up a preview! you cock tease[/quote]

yeah what Kris said!

and on a side note. I don’t think there is ANYTHING more rewarding about producing then the moment after you have spent countless hours on a melody/riff/basis&idea for a track… and then suddenly when you know its right and it sounds freakin sick.

happened to me like 2 days ago on the new track we’ve been writing. best feeling ever.

The worst is when you spent days thinking you made a hit only to strip it bare when mixing down and finding its actually a pile of wank…

The Light (Work in progress) by Wayne Fontaine

Taking this down soon, just a small section to give an idea… I’m not 100% with the piano parts so will prob change a lot as I arrange it out

Struggling with an into melody right now…

Gets me in the mood for summer

[quote]gofunk (11/03/2011)[hr]Struggling with an into melody right now…[/quote]

yeah i like the riff a lot. its definitely got an ibiza feel to it.

a pad with 2 stabs in the same chords as the melody. would be cool for an intro.

with a nice bass gallop arpeg.

yep I’m stealing phils stabs from the trance tut! Sounds quite good

Edit - or not, not so good with my bass…