Double click not defaulting to ZERO

On filters the default value sets to 19 and 47 on vel and key (see pic) when I double click it. Does anyone know how to make it default to zero?

Thanks in advance

Hi there @Kapow

So, the double click feature is to reset parameters to their DEFAULT values, which is not always equal to a Zero value.

If you OVER the parameter with your mouse, you will see info about the actual value in the INFO field at top of ANA 2 GUI.

In this case “Vel” is the Filter 1 Velocity : expressed in % and “Key” the Filer 1 Key Track : also in %

  • A double click on VEL reset the value to Zero %, and it will show the number 0.
  • A double click on KEY also reset the value to Zero %, but in this case 0% is matching the number 50.

This is because of the % value range which goes from -100% to +100%, so 0% = 50, to go to number 0 it sould be -100%

  • You can also manually enter the value with ALT + Left Mouse Click → delete and replace with the desire value.

But don’t expect that a double click will reset the number you see to Zero each time, again it resets the value to a DEFAULT value which has been chosen by the developers.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: