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Course Overview

Sonic Academy kick starts it's Synthesis 101 range of courses beginning with Subtractive Synthesis.

We break a subtractive synthesiser (Sylenth1) down to it's bare bones showing what makes the machine tick, how exactly all the sounds are created, and what makes subtractive synthesis unique.

Covering everything from oscillator types, filters and envelopes to modulating your sounds using LFO's and modulation envelopes there's nothing you wont know about subtractive synthesis after this!

Finally just to finish up we take 4 key elements of a track, the bass, the strings, the lead and the pads.. and we show you how to go about constructing each sound.

Videos Overview
Tutorial 1 - Subtractive Synthesis Overview
Tutorial 2 - Oscillators
Tutorial 3 - Envelopes
Tutorial 4 - Filters
Tutorial 5 - LFOs
Tutorial 6 - Modulation Envelopes
Tutorial 7 - Creating a Bass
Tutorial 8 - Creating a Lead
Tutorial 9 - Creating a String
Tutorial 10 - Creating a Pad

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We crack a subtractive synthesiser (Sylenth1) down to it's simple bone fragments displaying what creates the device mark, how exactly all the appears to be are designed, and what creates subtractive features exclusive.


Protecting everything from oscillator kinds, filtration and covers to modulating your appears to be using LFO's and modulation covers there's nothing you will never know about subtractive features after this! iPhone spy without jailbreak