Download Videos?

Hi - I see that the tutorials can be purchased as a download now. Is there a way as a subscriber I can download the videos (rather than having to stream them each time) or is this only available if you buy the download package?

“We have put up a whopping FIFTY courses for download (with our newest ones only available exclusively to subscribers). So now those of you stuck in sticks of Australia and New Zealand staring at the eternal buffering circle of boredom can now purchase and download individual courses to your computer for viewing whenever and wherever you want - Hurrah!”


How do subscribers download the vids? at the checkout it asks for payment?

hi guys

downloads are only on a per course basis,

if you want to download a course you must pay for it.

your subscription only entitles you to stream ALL of the course online

hope this clears things up


Thanks for the reply. Will you consider making the downloads available as part of the subscription as it would be of great convenience to me (would mean I could watch bits during lunch at work or while on the train, etc)? Or offer the downloads to subscribers at a discount rate (I would be prepared to pay up to £10 per tutorial but £25 is too much on top of a subscription for the same videos!).

Yea whats the point in not letting us download them?

[quote]djkennyaz (27/12/2010)[hr]Yea whats the point in not letting us download them?[/quote]

you get 50% off the download price if you have a silver pass, and you get 70% off if you have a gold pass.

offering over 100 hours of video for you to download and keep on your computer for on £29.99 wouldnt make much business sense for us!

you are buying a web pass which gives you access to all courses for streaming. we may introduce a higher package which gives downloads of all courses for a premium. more in the new year !