Downloaded v1.5

ok, so i am returning to ANA and I have downloaded v1.5, its been a while what do i do, I have tried intalling it into steinberg folder, but ableton still says v1.03 any ideas?br

got it changed, now it says i need a licence, but my licence is there and is saying its a demo, any ideasbr

got it lol what a noob :smiley:

Good chatting! :wink:

lol i know, first sign of madness :w00t::hehe::w00t: and getting answers aswell lol

when i start ableton and choose a previous track, it won’t locate the ANA and therefore when i select ANA v1.5 it loads default and I can’t remember what settings i had in previous ANA presets, any ideas.

ANA 1.5 uses a new preset structure so we made it act as a separate plugin to keep old projects intact. You will need to have the original 1.03 installed
If you don’t have the old installer drop an email to and they will get you a link.

ah ok, i will have a look for the old one, should still be there, just replaced it, will let you know.

found it, thanks.