Downtempo or Triphop or ... anything slow

I always seem to have problems trying to make slow yet interesting beats, whenever I try it just sounds like I’ve lowered the bpm and doesn’t sound like it’s meant to be slow. So I thought maybe a downtempo or triphop tutorial would be a nice way to teach us how to make slower beats.

Was thinking along the lines of Massive Attack - Tear Drop or Portishead - Wandering Star.

But as I said, its more to learn to keep your song slow without it sounding like it should be sped up, so sounding like a specific band or song is not important, it’s about the idea.


I’d like to see a Glitchhop tutorial in Ableton along the lines of The Glitch Mob.

These guys use ableton. it would be cool for us to get something along these lines.

Plus it would also satisfy the glitch tutorial that people are always requesting.

or this.

and this.

+1, i’d love to see some massive attack type stuff here

the problem with this kind of music and making a tutorial is the fact a lot of it revolves around chopping samples - so copyright might be an issue.

Having said that what about Pretty Lights stuff? all his stuff is available for free from his website.