Dr Drum - Apparently the best DAW in the word

Heres the ad:br
iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“YouTube” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen/iframebr
I just bought it, it sucks. I might make a tutorial on it to help all aspiring hip hop/atari game music producers…br

Yeah they are ferocious with their marketing too… always spamming our youtube channel. total garbage.

Yeap tell me about it, I see it on so many comments its ridiculous. Im going to make a youtube video and plaster it all over their channels explaining the software truthfully!

Wow, that looks awesome I’m getting it!:stuck_out_tongue:

The script for this video sounds like it has been written by a 50 year old dad trying to “talk street like da kids”. Cringe.

Haha the “easy” way will always be appealing to some people. But it will rarely work out. br
Its the same thing as with exercise like “get rocking abs in 10 min/day” br
its just a bunch of bull****. First of all to get good abs u have to have low % of bodyfat.br
Im not gonna go in to this more but just a short example. I think that you will only be successful at anything that you spend alot of time practicing learn it inside out etc. Only then you will have the result you want.br

It seems human nature these days is to want everything instantly and this is just another example. The idea behind this software is great but I’d imagine anyone using it will figure out it’s limitations pretty quickly and want to seek out a more well rounded DAW, so it may not be all bad. Like anything in life though the only way to truly master a craft is to put in the time and effort, experiment, make mistakes and then learn from them.

[quote]the only way to truly master a craft is to put in the time and effort[/quote]br
Or buy Dr Drum… :Pbr
No genuinely its crap, I bought it mainly out of curiosity and boredom. and it was 15 bucks at the time.


that product + its advert are the definition of terrible