Drag and drop to the wavetable osc

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or it’s just not implemented, but I can’t drag and drop an audio file to the wavetable osc. (On the sampler ones the drag and drop works fine.) The only way for me to get the files in the wavetable osc is using the user waveform folder.

So far I am however really really impressed byhow good the next generation ANA is! I especially love the new approach to the internal FX. <3

Windows 10 64bit, Intel Atom (so far testing on school laptop, I’ll get to my main PC later), FL Studio 32bit.

Is this REALLY such a dumb thing to point out that nobody wants to tell me whether it is a bug or it’s just not implemented?

Hi @shard - that isn’t a function of ANA 2.

@chris_agnelli Okay then, thanks. (And sorry for being annoying.)

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