Dream choker [Chill]

Hello Sonic academy, was just curious about your opinion on my new track. Cheers!

come on

Hi there,

I like it best from 1:00 onwards.  To me it sounds like the string-part is just too huge for the rest of the song (except maybe at the end part) if you know what I mean.  The rest of the song is rather cosy, but those strings are a bit ‘dramatic’.  Maybe you could try some kind of organ.  (There’s a preset of a broken organ in Ableton, I think it’s called “Boards of Canada”, that’s rather nice to play around with).

But besides that, I really enjoyed listening to it.



thank you for the feedback. That ‘string’ actually runs throughout the track just more dry signal and higher volume at the beginning . But i see your point :smiley: Cheers

thanks , could you please post a link to the song ? i can’t find it anywhere and i’m really curious.

bump. I need more feedback on mixdown, master and sound design.