Drive Control problem


It seems to me that there is a problem with drive control in the Mac OS version. Up to 51% almost nothing happens, then there’s a big step and saturation rises a lot (and aliasing too). Is there an update to fix this? Other than that, the plugin sounds very good.

Thank you

Maybe @phil_johnston could tell you more about this, but the drive goes from very clean to heavy saturation. Might be not easily audible at lower value but the drive definitely affects the signal when the knob is set below 50% and really increase when set above 50% ( don’t think it’s a linear implementation, but don’t know how this was implemented ).

Not sure about aliasing happening or not in the signal, might well be heavy harmonic distortion when pushing the drive knob to extreme settings.

It’s more an additional and sound design feature beyond the original circuit in my opinion, might be something to combine with the HP filter and Mix amount extra features when pushing the drive.

Yes, indeed it behaves exactly as you described.
I also noticed a major change in frequency response as I increased the drive.
It’s probably a design choice.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Got some news form Phil and the developers about the aliasing and oversampling with the drive.

At the moment it’s using oversampling x2, increasing this might help to reduce the aliasing but at the cost of more CPU consumption.

Anyway, the smart guys are looking into this… :sunglasses:


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