Hey folks,

I finished my first track and this time for good;)

Its a nice melodic D&B kind of track.

If you like D&B you will like Drullody.

If you arn not into D&B please have a listen too, its worth it!

So no longer reading, just listen and enjoy!

Drullody by Paulectro

I was listening to this earlier actually, I really like it, I like the infusion of DnB with the piano. It’s got really a really nice groove and some what of hypnotic melodies which I find takes my mind on a journey.

The only thing is that the piano riff (not the piano chords) sound a tiny bit loud and also slightly dis-jointed from the track, maybe needs the volume bringing down more and possibly play with the reverb / delay more.

Hey, thanks for listening Rob.

Its not quite easy. Listening to the track on different speakers showed me that I cannot make it perfect. Here on my first system its sound nice, on the second its partly annoing.

But Ill check if I like your ideas. For now I need some rest…

dig the subby hoover sounding bass. piano breakdown ftw.