Drum and Bass - HTMDNB course results

Hi Guys

New here, but ben playing with ableton, and being a total beginner, I stumbled on this place, which has some great resources, so I plumped up and joined for 3 months to see if I can gain anything.

Well I like Drum and Bass right now, so went straight for that.

I followed the course, but I tried to do it in a way, that the creative side was my input, and used the tution run through as a template for the production values, and steps taken to get the right sound(EQ’ing Compression all that stuff). I dont fully understand those concepts, but I can hear them working so I can build a workflow and use my ears untill I grasp the concepts and can make more informed choices. Just takes a little longer, but the ears area great tool [Smile]

The course has great value to me, my song will be structurally the same, as that was my intention, just to be a different tune [Smile]

I now have a checklist of things I can do when making more tracks, so it was invaluable.

Anyways waffle waffle and all that, heres the end result. I had made 1 or 2 traks before that were very basic, so this is the first real tune I have done. Its not my style of music really, but it is Drum and Bass of some sort [Smile] My next project is to make something a bit more darker, as thats my sound I am chasing. But like I say this was a learning exercise, and hopefully I made a tune that is relevant in some sub genre of DnB.

Here it is, would love any feedback anybody has.

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Big up the irish dude who did the course [Smile]

Good Job!.

The EQing on the bass sounds way off on my speakers… im guessing you have small speakers or are using headphones as it sounds like you are boosting low mid quite a lot.

also your snare sound is quite low in the mix.