Drum roll

was wondering if anyone has any good tips on making a drum roll that is used in dance music in ableton 7?

i’ve set the drum grid to 1/32 but it just doesn’t sound right at all, is there something crucial i’m missing here?

I’m really struggling not to leave a massivley sarcastic reply here!

Dude, waaaaay more details needed. What genre, what kind of drums, what kind of tune, what kind of drum roll?

Might pay to give some examples from youtube tunes or the like.

Thanks mate, i guess my question was far too basic :wink:

i’m trying to make hard house music. usually runs between 140-150 bpm. I’m using the ableton kit deeper drum ep6 i think it’s called (sorry i’ve got the app closed at the mo)

i just want a drum roll building up over the course of 1 or 2 bars gradually getting faster if that makes sense?

some examples around 1:50 and 2:40 in this video

Karim Don't F With Me! - YouTube

cheers :slight_smile:

OK you may need to look to set it to less that 1/32. You can set it so it doesn’t clip to any ammount and then zoom in and make the beats even closer.

My guess here is you start with a normal 4/4 beat, then double it to make it faster (which I suppose would be 8/4?) then double it progressivly over the 4 bars. Not sure exactly when you should double it, I suppose that’s personal pref, but if I was in your situation I’d mimic the Karim track you linked to.

Thanks mate, i managed to do it in the end with your help and from a friend. i guess i was being too shy of playing with the controls! i messed around with the drawing grid, triplets etc and it seems to be fine now. just need to get some suitable beats and have a play!

try here for easier effect

The Covert Operators is under construction

works pretty well but you might have to tweak it the way that you require

for other effects you could use the chords and scales