Drum Synths

Can anyone point me the right way here… I wanna give building my own kick drums a shot, I mean building from nothing. I’ve heard of waldorf attack which is a synth made for this. Are there any others anyone here knows about? Obvisouly one geared to trance would be ace.

I’ve tried KVR and google already btw… :wink:

Well, apart from pretty much,  any synth, which as long as it has a few envelopes that you can assign to pitch, couple of OSC’s, for noise, sines etc…


µTonic - All synth - [url]http://www.soniccharge.com/microtonic[/url]


KickLab XXL - Synth & Sample [url]http://www.amvst.com/node/2[/url]

Bassizm - [url]http://www.ismism.de/getbi_e.htm[/url]

Thats all I can think of at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Strobe can make a good kick.