Drumcode tutorial please!

The drumcode podcasts just represent everything great about techno. I would love a tutorial on how to make this tuff upfront deep sounding tech. Especially on getting that solid but super tight sub laden rolling sound as well as those long noisy type atmospheres in the background. Also how the reverb makes the tracks sound so big like its in a big room but never sounds washed out or distant.

please please!!!

Here’s the link - drum code podcast 76 live from fabric new years eve - check tracks at 11mins very tribal sounding and 29 mins


Pls also check Jesper dahlback Whole Lotta Faithe


and Ida Engberg Junoverse


Grindvik and Billie - Hold, Doubt, Back

Stream DCCD06 - 01 Grindvik and Billie - Hold, Doubt, Back by Drumcode | Listen online for free on SoundCloud - killa!!!

ps: pls in ableton not reason

Hear hear!