Drums before the breakdown in ableton


I’d really appreciate it if someone could link me to a tutorial video (if there is one) or tell me how to make a setup in Ableton Live where the drums would speed up? I hope whoever answers this post knows what I mean. In most dance songs I hear the drums speed up with a wooshing sound and then there would be a short silence, and then the breakdown kicks in, and that’s what I want to try to recreate. Thanks

Watch the advanced techniques: Drums, Breaks, and Builds tutorial on this site. That should get you started…

I’m Presuming you mean a drum roll of sorts

Yeah, just to be clear, and I am sure you know this but just in case, the track doesn’t actually speed up - tracks that change tempo are very rare (and quite annoying!) but a drum roll or fill which a sweep (the whooshing noise) can give the impression of speeding up.

Maybe post a youtube clip with a time reference with an example.

Thanks for all the replies so far and I apologize for the clarity of my post. I think a drum roll would best describe what I mean, are there any videos on Sonic Academy that cover this?

Here is a Youtube link with an example that doesnt exactly cover what I originally posted (with the sweeps, and silence/breakdown) but does have the drum roll effect I wish to recreate at about 2:11 - 2:13

sorry misread the post !:slight_smile:

That’s a band passed drum roll with side-chained compression on it. That’s where that pumping sound comes in. Other than that it’s a standard drum roll filtered to be dry sounding and take very little space in the mix…

you could also achieve this by adjusting the velocities of each hit of the drum roll. Giving it a more “human” feel.

Are there any sonic academy videos that cover drum rolls, if not how do I go about creating one?