Drums Groove?

Hey guys any one show me how to make this drum loop. the rest of the track sucks. basically i want to know how to replicate the sound the groove and the pattern :slight_smile:

That loop has a bit of a reggaeton vibe. A quick youtube search turned up the following, it’s in german, but shouldn’t matter.

That the sort of thing you are after?

Or at least for a reference/starting point…

thanks now gonna try that, sounds real close to the pattern

i can make it and give you the midi file if you want …

yeah dude if you could, the pattern posted above sound really close but i cant quite get the groove.

the sounds to me are also very nice, particularly the tom and snare sound. if you flick to the end of the track the tom sounds quite hollow to my ears and all the toms i have sound really full bodied but also very synthetic (if that makes sense )

i think i need to use a softer kick as well lol


[quote]tommyt (9/5/2009)[hr]caleinte!![/quote]

i agree the groove is hot :slight_smile:

I have two things to say about this…

  1. MUI CALIENTE!!! Those chicks are SMOKING!!!

  2. DUDES…FELLAS…uhhhh MUCHACHOS… If this guy can put out music… Anyone can.


howard like i said the track is crap but the drums are solid, nice sound and nice groove. there are many elements to many different styles that i love.

if i could take this drum groove mixed with Katana’s synth sounds, sander van doorn’s simplicity and fred bakers arrangements then i would be along the lines of a perfect track to me :slight_smile:

The funny thing is… as crap as Pitbull’s new batch of tunes are, he has really won my respect for hanging in there for so long. I mean I remember hearing him YEARS ago, and think “eh, okay… whatever” but now look at him! Still “eh” but it doesn’t really matter if you put in your time.

PS. the original track is called 75 brazil street by nicola fasano and pat rich. pitbull swiped the beat.

Jon, look up nicola fasano, it’s his tune. His other tunes are awesome too.

I was after this kinda groove before but didn’t get any response so if anyone can help then that would be great.