Drums racks vs redrum question

when i used to program drums in reason i would setup fills on different pattern banks within redrum and then choose my fill banks throughout the arrangement. this was handy because if i wanted to edit the arrangement later (say to add a new drum to the arrangement), i could just edit the banks in redrum and not have to go through the whole arrangement. is there some way to do this with a drum rack in ableton live?

Are you talking about replacing whole banks of sounds? or the patterns?

i’m trying to edit the patterns (i.e. midi parts) that repeat throughout the arrangement. i’d like to be able to edit in one shot without having to re-copy.

yeah theres no way in the arrange page to have like a “master” pattern and it will change all others.

what you can do is have a looped pattern that youve stretched out across your track when you edit whats in the loop it wil change everything.

as soon as you split it though it will become independent.

hope that makes sense

ok thanks phil. most of my fills involved the snare so i just put it on it’s own track so save time on further edits to the drums…will post the track soon and love to get your comments…