Drumstep/Dubstep Request

this is a kind of track i wanna make it happend

First start with the GlitchHouse tutorial. Lots of good dubstep type techniques in there.

But I know you already did the GlitchStep house tutorial.

Also there is already a dubstep in Cubase tutorial. Give that a lookover. I learned a bunch.

I feel you on the dubstep! I love it & produce it as well. I’m gunna give it to you straight though. Even if it was the greatest tutorial in the world (which some of the SA tuts are)… Watching a tutorial isnt going to teach you how to produce on a skrillex or rusko level. Those guys have spent countless hours in the studio learning techniques and creating sounds. They have spent a ridiculous amount of time building sample libraries and creating sounds. Tutorials will help give you an idea of the technique and how to approach your workflow… But the only way you get good at it is to practice a whole lot.

My suggestion? First learn how to properly create dubstep drum patterns.

2nd. Learn how to resample basslines.

3rd. Get a general idea of how to arrange a dubstep track.

All of my suggestions can be learned from watching current Sonic Academy tutorials.

Best of Luck!

the track that i have posted are pretty sure have not been covered by the SA if u listen to them u will know that its totally different from the glitch step house or dubstep house,so if u please take a look at it.

You didn’t hear me clear enough I guess!

I make dubstep. I love dubstep. I have heard all those tracks before. I know what they are.

What I’m saying is that your not going to learn how to make any of those tracks from a tutorial. Even if Sonic Academy did another dubstep tutorial for Ableton… It’s still not gunna be a skrillex track. The closest thing you will find to that is the GlitchStep house track OR the Dubstep tutorial for cubase.

If you want to make dubstep like skrillex. My suggestion would be to take the techniques that ARE currently in the Sonic Academy tutorials… Learn them inside & out. Then go practice making your own songs, writing your own melodies, making your own sounds, and arranging a track out. Sonic Academy is all about giving you the tools of your trade (IE. techniques used to make music) and then supporting you with input/comments when you go and try to apply the techniques to your own tracks.