Hi, guys!

After days and nights with no sleep, I finally managed to get done with my new track … I really tried to learn how to use multiband compression, and normal compressor to create a dynamic track. Please comment and give me some feedback, I would apprechiate every word! If anyone here knows how to use a multiband compressor in this type of genre, please share :slight_smile:


You officially have another fan! This got my head bobbing haha and the beginning synth is great. Multiband compression can be a bit tricky, but if done correctly, the dynamics of the song change dramatically. I was fortunate enough to be advised to learn it early on. Truly, it’s all about balance between the bands. And since this is your first time using it, I’d say you did a pretty good job. Best of luck, and keep making tracks!

Thank you :slight_smile: Yeah, that is basically what I understood after messing around with it … you simply just “compress” different part of the sound and manually blend the frequencies together, but I have always heard that multi band compression is too hard though. The biggest problem with this genre is the high frequencies after my opinion, because of all the disstortion and “de-essing” … but thank you :slight_smile: Please share information about the multiband compression if you´d like … or any youtube movies about it that you think will be usefull :slight_smile:

To be honest, I spent hours fiddling with the thing to produce the sound I wanted and learned to use it on my own. If I come across any solid videos explaining multiband compression how you would need to use it, I will let you know. It’d be next to impossible to explain it correctly through text haha. More confusion than anything I think. Either way, you made a solid track, and I am looking forward to others!