Dub steppers

don’t know if any of you have seen this or not, its of no interest to me but i thought you lot my like it


found this too


Remix competitons… bleh.

Not for me.

[quote]roben (29/07/2010)[hr]Remix competitons… bleh.

Not for me.[/quote]

Hmm I should just try one for the experince - thogh I would have better chance becoming pope than even making it too the finalist stage

I wouldn’t mind, it’s just the bullsh*t ‘vote for me’ crap they always add for them afterwards.

In which case you then have to ask everyone to vote for you, but then it becomes a popularity contest and people cheat, it’s not about the tune itself.

I’ve done my fair share, i’ve realised the error in it’s ways haha.