Dub Techno

Hi Bryan and Phil

Firstly thank you for providing some excellent tutorials-I really got a lot from the advanced minimal techno, The arrangement stuff is really useful!

Would it be possible to do a tutorial aimed at dub techno- I am really keen on the following:

  1. Style:dub Techno/Ambient Techno
  2. Artists: Basic Channel/Pole/Monolake/Echospace
  3. Basic Channel:Quadrant Dub

    Basic Channel:Radiance I

    Basic Channel: Radiance II


    Pole: Fahren

    Deepchord: In Echospace


    Links:Quadrant Dub: - YouTube

    Radiance 1: Basic Channel - BCD - 10 Radiance - I - YouTube

    Radiance II:Basic Channel - Radiance II - YouTube

    Stadt: Pole (Stefan Betke) - Stadt - YouTube

    Fahren:Pole - Fahren (edit) / Godfrey Reggio Tribute / bike video (Chicago) - YouTube

    In Echospace:Pole - Fahren (edit) / Godfrey Reggio Tribute / bike video (Chicago) - YouTube

    Ionized: - YouTube

    I am really interested in echo’s and reverbs, and I would love to apply these techniques in my own work with Ableton. Can you help?

    Kind regards

Look here



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