Dubstep for Ableton Live?

I was just taking a look at your tutorials section and was trying to think why you hadnt created a set on Ableton Live yet for it? I would be really interested and ive seen a few other posts so far. I have included some examples.

[url]- YouTube


Those are just a few examples, If you want some more just ask!


Drum and bass as well.

Isn’t there an Ableton project under the ‘files and resources’ tab of the Dubstep course?

I’m not a subscriber anymore, but iirc there was.

yes there is a ableton dubstep project in the Files and resources tab.

I would like a drum and bass one also :smiley:

I am not a subscriber so I didnt see this.

I would suspect its rather just a project file then tutorials on it though, correct?


So any updates on this ???