Dubstep tutorial request

Please I would really appreciate a tutorial on the new crazy, pumping sound skillrex and flux pavillion and benga are coming out with:w00t:. I’m sure I am not the only one this sound is huge and dominating in the clubs, well it was when I was in Australia last week lol Big up sonic academy, thanks in advance :smiley:




+1 for any kind of dub dnb kinda music

i would really like to know how to make the midnight request line by skream & night by benga & coki

+1 for more dubstep (and dnb), I would also really like to see some Gemini reverse-engineered (or Netsky for liquid). They really display master skills in terms of composition and deserve a how-to tutorial.

+1 for more dubstep!

+1 for moar

Have you all watched this?

How To Make Glitch-Step House using Ableton Live 8 - How To Sound Like Skrillex | Part 6 Preview

  1. We want to make dubstep not Skrillex glitch-step, fitch kinda thing.
  2. 128 bpm vs 140 BPM?
  3. Flux pavilion > Skrillex
  1. The ideas and methods are extremely similar
  2. Just increase the bpm
  3. See #1

[quote]ksonic (14/03/2012)[hr]1) The ideas and methods are extremely similar

2) Just increase the bpm

3) See #1[/quote]


you can’t expect the perfect tones to be layed in front of you and a magical creature say : “compose my little bi**hes” ; No. Instead they show you the techniques that you can improve and tweak to your choosing and make something original.

So should SA concentrate on making another dubstep tutorial?