Dubstep using NI Massive

How to get that Trolley Snatcha sound from NI Massive???

OR should I use something else?

Genre: Dubstep

Artist: Trolley Snatcha

Track: We rock the forest

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-QvBUyUdhI

Be better off askng which sound you mean - ie when they come in and wth a discrption

but Massive is the dubstep weapon of choice - been playing around with it myself the past few days and ts sounds pretty mighty for the sounds want to make

Sorry yeah.

I mean the filthy bassline at the drop, the one that is similar to Bar 9 - Midnight.

How do you reckon they get that?

Not sure exactly, but for the Trolley Snatcha stuff, you’ll want multiple layered basslines, sine for the subs, and several waveforms chopped and changed on the midrange. Pick one or two of the more metallic sounding oscillators for midrange, run it through lowpass, use an envelope on your pitch and LFO on your filter cut (experiment with different LFO waveforms too, you can get some really cool results when you move away from simple sines). Turn the feedback dial up on the midrange till it squidges together, add tube distortion, maybe a little dimension expander, and EQ till it fits. Finally, compress the sub and midrange basslines together.

hope this helps!

i got massive yesterday.

i went through the presets. it is nasty!


step by step tutorial using massive to make the kind of songs youre looking to do.another synth great for dubstep that doesnt get much mention for it is vember audio surge.

here are some personal presets for dubstep/dnb,electro,prog for ni massive


Dont have Massive  - But Fair play Man for the share! :slight_smile:

also one last suggestion would be to check out the brutal electro and brutal electro 2 presets that come with massive.probably one of the most abused presets of all time,for dubstep it is by far the most abused.if anyone likes the massive patches ive upped,i have quite a bit more of my own personal ones that im more than willing to share since i dont use massive anymore.

Thanks bobby - dubstep ant my thing but will try them out over the weekend

Cheers for sharing :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thanks bobby and Cheven for sharing. Much appreciated… 

also does anyone know how to change the wobble speed for the Brutel Electro preset?

I tried to adjust the rate on the LFO to Cutoff as I do normally and it wouldnt work…

BTW - NI are giving a LOT more stuff away free from Sept 1, in addition to the usual Kore and Kontakt Players. I can’t wait.

Yep I hope so :slight_smile:

Are releasing a new product that day or something?

Not sure what they’re launching that day but here’s the link for the free stuff.


I got the Kore and Kontakt players a few weeks ago then bought the Frequency patches. It’s been well worth it. Used it in both my last tracks for extra texture/pad sounds. The way they manipulate sounds so fast is maybe something I could do some time from now with LOTS of experimenting. But, for now at least, it’s a great FAST way to get ideas going.

Must check Massive out again.

Had a Demo before I updated my computer… must get it & take a look.

NI presets always sound too mad to me. I always have to turn down the fx & mad sh!t before it sounds ok.