Dubsteppin later

Im going to a dubstep night tonight. Can’t wait, I haven’t been out raving for ages. Even better the mrs has taken my daughter away to Devon with her parents so I’m not gonna get my ear bent tomorrow when I’m feeling delicate :wink: time to play lol. :smiley:

a mate of mine said “Mandy” was coming but im not sure what he meant!

Flux pavilion is play just down the road it’s worth checking out right?

Talk to Frank :smiley:

Enjoy mate!

Her pal lucy is even hotter. :wink:

Well… you still alive?

Are you putting the snare on the 3 yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah man alive and kicking, well I have been asleep all day lol

We all had a quality night. Not been to a dubstep night before but the bass was immense! :cool: those dubstep producers really hit the sweet spot with the bass frequencies. You can really feel the waveforms running through your body lol :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a proper rave 2011 style! :cool:

I came away thinking **** I’ve got a lot to learn lol:hehe:

Did they have Bucky?

Haha! Buck-step :smiley:

Na no Bucky last night just h2o lol

Dreamscape 20th anniversary next up in November :w00t: