Dune - Hardcore Vibes (Jan de Jong's M.I.S. Remix)

To help get everyone in the mood for the dutch house vids i thought i would give you all a little bootleg/remix i finally managed to finish.

Hope you like it and retweet,facebook it do whatever you want :slight_smile: Enjoy.


why not posting it on a soundcloud account?

Lol i can put it on soundcloud if that makes you happy…

Does it really matter?

yep it does cause I aint downloading anything - put it in a soundcloud box n I’ll listen

same as wayne…

very nice production dude, soundcloud or not fs :wink:

get soundcloud son . we are almost 2012

Wath I said in the other thread :wink:

Nice track. Not the usual dutch synth either which is starting to bore me **itless tbh

I don’t know original though so i can not really comment on how much this differs but good job

[quote]gofunk (28/12/2011)[hr]yep it does cause I aint downloading anything - put it in a soundcloud box n I’ll listen[/quote]

Can’t you see the zippyshare player in your browser? Works almost the same as in soundcloud. Just press the play button :smiley:

Really sounds like Dutch house, but that might be because your Dutch :wink:

The vocal sounds a bit strange, cause I really remember the original pretty good. Production wise it’s sound Jan. Nice job!

it was funny with the vocal cos i wanted to use the original but it was piss poor quality tbh so mi had to do a lot of weird crap to it to try give it a dirty pirate radio feel lol.

Sorry about all the rage concerning soundcloud but someone has done you all a favour.

whats with all the comments about poker on YT Jan?

A friend of mine uploaded it exept apparantly hes like someone that uploads lotsa poker games for people. So everyone expects this from him, its annoying cos everyone is disliking the video simply cos its not poker lol…

Sure… they’re all deaf as well - lol

that is one top notch remix there Jan :wink:

This is such a weird track cos like people absolutely love it or hate it. I mean on youtube its not liked, ive heard from various people they dont like it and i can see some points that arent 100 percent clean and polished like the vocal. But it was very hard to get the original vocal and the sample i had was terrible. My only other option was to use a modern acapella of it but i just didnt like it at all.

On the other hand ive heard from a few big dj;s that they like it, apparantly its been played on the radio in a few countries, it gets downloaded everyday and i do hear some positive comments. But yea its a weird one lol.

Just to show how not in the loop i am, just saw John Gibbons played this live at last years Planet Love for anyone whos in Ireland and mighta been to that event :slight_smile:

fair play i really like this! pretty much everything about it works! love the lfo synth, and as someone else said, its not the over the top dutch sound. And the rhythm and shuffle of the track is what i would always look for in this sort of music! i remember the original of this and i remember hearing a cool remix of it many years ago when i was in bournemouth. there was always something that i liked about the vocal in the track! i can see why you chose to use it. nice work man its a damn good track!