Duplicating presets ANA2 (Request)

Hi there
Could you please do so we can decide where to save our presets with ANA2? so it doesn’t end up in Macintosh HD1-> library->Application Support->Sonic Academy->Ana2->Presets->Sound Presets->User->User Presets
it just takes way too long to find
When i load a preset from another location ANA2 makes a copy of that preset in the user presets folder so i end up with many copies of the same sound which is really annoying…
we can load a sound from a specific location but why can’t we save at a specific location? without ANA2 making a copy to the user presets folder?

Another thing could you do so we can right click on the knobs and enter a specific value instead of having to click and hold down CMD to get the knobs at an exact value?
Thank you in advance

Hi there @DynamicElementz

I have moved your topic into the Plugins/ANA 2 category since it’s more related to Plugins request.

At the time being I can’t tell you if this is under the radar for future ANA 2 upgrades but S.A team will read users comments & request in this category.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
It would make it smooth and less time consuming i’m sure everyone can benefit from it
Thank you in advance