Dutch house track...need some feedback :D

Hey guys, first of all thank you for the tuts are really helpful, you will probably hate me for posting this as an original but it’s some sort of a reproduction of your dutch house track :smiley: i need to hear your oppinion about it…im going to obviously change the chords and other parts + i will re-arrange it to make it original.br
wat do u think? :0 and what plugins do you sugest for making synths bigger? besides the ones on the tut of course.br
Later :cool:

lol really? no one would give it a listen? xd

I though i recognized the chords from somewhere hehe. i think you should add some reverb on the hi hats first of all and try to have some sounds with more attack on the drop because they sound really stereo and not hitting hard enought. I did enjoy the drop!