Dutchforce - Deadline (Hughes & Ballantine Rmx)

An update off an old fav off ours …Would love some feedback… :smiley:


I love the orginal - got in on vinyl still :slight_smile:

Nice remix :slight_smile: I like it

I wanna remix now! forgot all about this tune, I really loved this when it come out :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Go on yourself son.

Listening via **** headphones but will listen again later via my monitors and give detailed feedback but good from what I hear :slight_smile:

I do think the main lead could be more epic however, did you layer it??

Also the build up seems like it lacks a bit when it kicks it, but maybe thats just me as I love big epic build ups.

Did you use a midi from the orginal??? if so can you share?? I really wanna remix this too :slight_smile:

nice remix again the sound mix is good :smiley: like that too

hey guys , thanks for listening and feedback…,

gofunk , we’ll have a look for that midi and send it on to you…