Editing recorded midi automation data


so, i have my old emu sampler out again today and i have set it up so that one of the pots from my m-audio oxygen 49 keyboard is automating the cut off from the filter in the sampler. i have recorded a couple notes on the piano roll and a little bit of movement on the filter and when i play it back everything works fine (i hear the notes and the cut off) but i cant for the life of me find where i can edit the cut off automation i have recorded.

any ideas?

many thanks

Midi controller 63 i think is cutoff.

it should come up with a red tag beside any controller thats recorded.

Can’t see a red tag? What I have done in the emu is set midi c to be controlled by midi cc 17(on the oxygen)

in ableton select your clip in then the envelopes tab… then you select midi ctrl and below the number… should have a wee red marker beside it.

Ah yes I see now. Thank you very much!!