EDM Feedback pls :-) Thank you


i´ve written this little Track and it would be great if to get some feedback on this. For me its a emotional Track. Is in your opinion the mixing good? Thanks for listening and your Feedback.

Greetings from Germany


HI there @Bjoern_K

Mixing wise it’s not that bad, but your kick is a bit loud and seems very processed, you’ve got also some off beat percussive elements as well. It sounds like you have a good headroom and Dynamic Range but it’s missing loudness, and if you push this track further true a limiter you’re gonna run into issues IMO.

The problem with this track is that you have lot’s of elements going on, it’s very rich, both transients heavy and more shiny/longer ones, that’s not easy to mix. Pay attention to gain staging, levels & frequency dueling here.

Not sure if the progression & arrangement works as well, it didn’t for me and again it’s mainly because of the complexity of the track, your bringing in & taking out lot’s of elements that makes it hard for the mind to follow.

Sometime less is more, it’s good to surprise the listener to keep the track interesting but the mind needs something to focus on also, the 2 elements doing this at the moment are this heavy kick and your lead/bass synth but it’s very recursive in the progression so it can create a loss of interest and not enjoying all the other elements.

Anyway, making a track that works and pleases others is not an easy task, let’s be honest, but it’s more important than getting a perfect mix IMO. Have friends, family member or people that are able to listen with critical ears around you to listen to your mixes, this is the best way to put a track to the test.

Hope this helps,
Cheers !

Hey @Tekalight,

thank you very much for your comment. And yes now i hear all those conflicts too… As i said i´ve very different emotions writing this track. I think thats why i use so much different elements… I will try to fix this after my holidays and sent the new version…

Thx again.

Have a nice time …

greetings :slight_smile:

Yep, you’re pointing out a common dilemma to many producers, spending too much time on the same mix and being “caught” by the sounds & music we’re making and then trying to add elements to polish what we think is a great track, but sometime in the end it’s very subjective to our own emotion & feels.

Next to the rule “sometime less is more”, there’s another one which is “the faster you finish a track, the better it is”. If you really need to spend time on a project, it’s important to do short sessions, having breaks and refreshing your ears.

Listening judgment & mixing decision are affected by ear fatigue and getting emotional with our music, it’s good to use reference material and to have other people around you listening to your tracks, even unfinished raw projects to get a different listening experience & feedback than your own one.

A good workflow, knowing your DAW & tools, saving presets and effects chains that work really helps, that comes with time and in the end it makes things more easy to focus more on the creative & musical aspect of production.

Cheers !