What are some of your opinions and experiences using different effects?br
I usually bus a few effects like the main reverb and main delays to different return tracks. br
But I am in constant battle with myself on some things like specific reverbs and what not. Sometimes I like the reverb to be part of the sound I made, and sometimes I even like the reverbs that can be created within the plugins. br
is it too much to have double reverb going on, even though they are completely different sounding? br
And on your percussion and drums. What do you do about the effects? do you do each instrument separately or do you like to have the same effects on all of them? I tend to do each one individually, but maybe this causes too much nonsense. br
Appreciate any opinions and commentary!br

I generally have a meduim reverb for synths etc what not, and small reverb for percussion sounds, ping pong delay and whatever I want to use on the return tracks but it is good to use same reverb for same type of sounds so they appear in the same space.