Electro BANGER

take a  listen here and leave some feedback please a lil old tune but still goes hard…http://soundcloud.com/jonathangolden/golden-intergalactic-bass

It has potential but the track sounds too full it has no air to breathe and some of the musical elements sound off key there seems to be too much going on in the stereo spectrum to many elements clashing with some cleaning up and maybe removing some bits i can see it being a good track

hey man true that just got back on this forum yea had ryan enzed mastered it and I think he over did it with the fullness sound of too much bass and highs, Ya the synth there is hard to mess with since I used sylenth and the lfo knobs at the bottom to twitch it up

I agree with Subject, there’s defo waaaay too much compression/distortion going on with the percussive side of things. At first I was like, this sounds cool, but then it started to be the only thing that I could hear on the track.

If you sort the squishedness (is that even a word? lol) of it out and allow it to breathe then you have got yourself a corker of a tune dude! :w00t:

thanks yall for the input im going to try and remastered and mix this tune along with taking some bits out maybe and repost and release on a new EP im working on that the moment. Got a new tune will be posting in the tunes/podcast thread shortly stay tuned you will be quite satisfied with all my improvements . Note that song (intergalatic bass) is about 3-4months old .