Electro fidgety madness

check it guys, here’s my first take on the fidget. this is my favorite genre at the moment, however, i get into all types of music. just starting out with ableton and am just working my way through different styles to see what i have the most fun with. hope you like it!

D-Glitch’d (full version//free dld) by roboRUCKUS

not a style i’m really familiar with but it sounded pretty good to me :slight_smile:

thanks bud glad you liked it

hey man. liked this a lot. pretty good for your first attempt! your basses were not bad.

It kinda sounded like you used the distortion plugin in sylenth for a couple of the basses.

You might wanna try some different distortion plugins as well in the future. sometimes the distortion effect in sylenth 1 is really weird and it sounds more staticky then it should.

I know not ALLLL fidget electro house tracks do this… but if you put another lead on top of your basses that flow with the track. something that plays off the bass between the bars and then change the sounds of the lead in 8,16, &/or 32 bar measures you will take it to the next level!

the arrangement was good. i liked your builds and drops. Just need an extra midi synth layer over the top to keep it interesting. some kinda cool pattern to go with it.

if you dont do it for this track, try it on the next 1. can’t wait 2 hear the next 1!

This is sick! May I suggest downloading a VST called Glitch, It’s absolutely free and if you mess around with it you can get some nice fidget sounds. Also add some more sub under the main synth sound and get it fatter.

cheers for the input, i really appreciate it!

about the lead synth - i kinda get where you are going with adding an extra lead synth over the basses and would like to give that a try, but i am not completely sure what you mean. are you saying to add a full riff over the bass or just a little one every now and then?

about adding a sub to bring out the bass - i’m gonna give that a shot right now!

this is super helpful :smiley:

updated :slight_smile:

loving it dude!!! Like the slides you got going on in your mix. Just fell in love with the glitch style this past week! Been experimenting with a new track! Tell me what you think.

Full Throttle by srobbins250