Electro House / Complextro song!

Here’s a little song I made yesterday. I used the piano loop as the main melody and made it sound a little complextro-like. Please leave feedback, positive or negative. I just wanna hear what you think, and in which ways I could improve my producing!


Piano Loops ‘n’ Stuff by Camsu

BUMP! Come on, no-one? Is everyone focused on giving feedback only to the top producers here?

I think its a cool idea… Some bits work and some defo need tidying up.

The way youre fading the piano in needs changed sounds a bit random.

I think you need more continuity throughout the track… The bits dont seem to gel together.

Try cutting the piano loop up and putting each snipet on different keys in simpler or sampler.

Check out the disco tech tut and the way i arranged the vocals… Try that with the piano.

I can see what your trying to do dude. It needs a lot of attention, but im sure you could get something out of it.

Like phil said, keep watching the tutorials and you wont go far wrong. Maybe try the glitch house one for some of the sounds your chopping about.