[Electro House] New track (Jack Mono - Lead Generation)

Hi guys, I just finished this track and it is a tad low of a mix because it’s the premaster. I’ll replace it with the mastered version in a few days. Just check my sig below and let me know what you think. I’m doing an extended remix and using the info I get back from the Mastering and comments from soundcloud, facebook & forums to help guide me into the final extended mix. Please be brutally honest. You can never be to harsh IMHO!

Please feel free to download the track and use it if you like. Although it’s not a long track or completely finished it would still fit into a mix well, I used it already on my radio show, thought it mixed well! I would like any comments from DJ’s about mixing with other tracks as well. Is it friendly as is?


Jack Mono - Lead Generation by DJ-Excel

I liked it, the different elements came together quite well… Only thing that threw me off was the vocal delayed thingy, children voices in dance tracks always throw me off personally :stuck_out_tongue:

this was probs the first track of this type i was into, ghood job :smiley: its kinda subtle or sometrhing not too in your face, sounded good man :smiley: (i will take my beer goggles off tomomorw and listhen again :slight_smile:

Hi ekko,

Im interested in your feedback the most, you see I made a lot of changes to the track WHICH are easy to revert, but I would like your opinion. So without me telling you what I think I may have done to make it less appealing to someone like yourself. Please check out the revised version. Let me know exactly what your thoughts are and I may take thouse very much into consideration when finishing my extended version. Feel free to download and use as you please! Thanks for the comments! here is the newer version.

Jack Mono - Lead Generation (Short Mix) by DJ-Excel